Global Pizza Challenge 2013

"And I don't cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza." ~ Tiger Woods

Since 2009, aspiring pizza makers from across the globe have tantalised the taste buds of our international panel of judges, and delighted thousands with their delectable pizzas creations.

Pizza is undoubtedly a firm favourite around the world and The Global Pizza Challenge was founded to promote and encourage culinary innovation within the world's most popular food sector – pizza.

From humble beginnings, The Global Pizza Challenge has developed into the planet's biggest pizza competition; as national winners are selected to compete in the International Final.

Now in its 5th successful year, organisers are keen to see passionate, independent pizza makers demonstrate their gastronomic masterpieces first-hand during the competition's national cook-off.

This year's event will see more than 16 countries entering the race; and in 2013 the new Global Pizza Champion will be crowned.

Come celebrate pizza making as a distinguished, passionate and noble livelihood and help advance pizza's quality, diversity and popularity, globally.

There are also numerous sponsorship packages available for applicable brands, who are keen to partner with and support innovation within the independent pizza sector.

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