Frequently Asked Questions

Submit your recipe using the online form or post the entry before the deadline.
The choice of pizza ingredients is strictly up to the discretion of the competitors. 
There is no requirement that this pizza is on any existing menu but part of the judging criteria is that it must be commercially viable. – Submit your best pizza.
There are four Categories in which to enter:

  • Poultry or Meat
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian
  • Specialty or  dessert

Pizza recipes must be original and unpublished and must be submitted prior to the deadline.

These must be submitted via the entry email address, on the recipe format sheet provided: 

The competition
Global Pizza Challenge wants to provide you the competitor, every chance to excel and produce the best possible product on the day. They have no interest in trying to trick or deceive any competitor. They want the best pizza to win.

It is our obligation to have an area ready for you to compete in; it is your responsibility to show your best effort.This document has been produced to give you an indication of what the judges will be looking for on the day as well as some help full hints. You will score the maximum amount of points by showing the best possible use of the sponsor’s products.  Above all be inventive and original.
Sponsors are an integral part of the event and the products they represent need to be used where possible.

If you use a non sponsored product, that is available from the sponsor, you stand a chance of being disqualified.
We have listed some points below that if followed, will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Truth of product
If you name a style, technique, flavour, product or garnish, make sure that it appears on your final product.
If you name a dish as a braised mushroom and Parmesan, they must be the dominant products on the dish.
Correct preparation and presentation is required

Use the right cheese and the correct amount to complement your dish, too much is not good nor is too little.
Incorrect use of cheese will harm your final score.
As an example the incorrect use of Cheddar can render a dish oily.
A point of difference with effective technique is good.
As an example a four cheese pizza: cream cheese in the pastry, mozzarella on the base, cheese oil in a dressing and a parmesan cracker as a garnish.

If you say thin and crispy make sure it is.
if you incorporate a grain or different flavour try it before hand.

Sauce base
Has the sauce been prepared classically, did you peel and seed your tomatoes?
Was it passed through a sieve to remove any impurities (skin, seeds pith etc)?
Does the sauce have a good sheen?
Does it leach water on the edges?
Have you adjusted the seasoning?
Is it to tart- do you need to remove some acid?

Is the garnish appropriate for the dish, or is it an unnecessary after thought, and is the garnish edible?

Has your product been portioned correctly?
Are they good clean cuts and is the product able to be picked up and eaten?
Has your topping been distributed evenly to ensure every piece has the right effect on the consumer?
Is it the correct ingredient for the dish?

Has the topping been sliced evenly and correctly, does it require marinating,
Have you used and identified sponsors product?

Keep your work area clean and hygienic- if some thing hits the floor it then hits the bin.
If the product is to be chilled keep it under 4oC degrees, if it is hot then over 74oC
Personal hygiene is equally important: your uniform should be clean and free from stains, hair nets if required and remove excess jewellery. Nails and hands are of the utmost importance as they constantly in contact with food.
If you use the rest room wash your hands if you touch any part of your body wash your hands!

Competition Day
The Global Pizza Challenge organizers do not select the finalist they are independently select by suitably qualified industry personal. You will probably never produce a dish that has not been replicated somewhere in the world. Therefore secrecy, to the point of ridiculous, is not necessary. In the spirit of good sportsman ship, if needed, assist your fellow competitor if they are in need of help. It may be you one day!

Arrive one hour before your heat, this allows your to register and familiarise your self with your surroundings. We understand that a competition before the public can be daunting. This time also allows you to attend the pre-competition briefing.
Competitor must bring own pre-made dough, sauce, and toppings for 4 30cm pizzas. 

Transport products in plastic containers.  Glass containers will not be allowed in the competition area. 
Bring all products in an insulated cooler to maintain cold chain. Products not suitable chilled will result in disqualification.

On site refrigeration will be provided.
You must prepare and cook pizza in competition area.
All contestants will be assigned numbers and a drawing will determine order.
Contestants will remove finished pizza from oven and place either on a wooden peel with nothing else. The pizza will then be escorted to the judging area by a runner who then will describe their creation.  The runner will then cut the pizza and allow each judge to choose a slice (piece). 

The judges will grade, score sheets picked up and table cleared, and the judge’s decision is final.
Advice or direction (coaxing) either in the make-ready preparation area or in the immediate vicinity of the competition stage is not allowed.

The competitor is the only one allowed in the preparation area and on the competition stage.
Judges decision is final in all matters during the competition.
In all other matters relating to Global pizza Challenge, on the day of the competition, the Competition Coordinator’s decision is final.

All recipes and event photography of contestants, and pizzas become the property of Global Pizza Challenge and may be used in future promotions and advertising.

This is your opportunity to showcase your talent and originality. Be the one to represent South Africa on the international stage. All competitors who reach the finals in South Africa will receive a certificate and the winner will receive the opportunity to represent South Africa at the global finals.